Best Books for Kids About Diversity

Best Books for Kids About Diversity - Blog of the Best Books for Kids
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Talking about subjects like race isn’t always easy for parents, but these talks are absolutely essential, and books for kids about diversity help start those conversations!

Check out our favorite books for kids about diversity.

Best Books for Kids About Diversity

Promote conversations about diversity, inclusion, racism, and advocacy.

Big Book of Faces, a Coloring Book for Kids About Diversity

The Big Book of Faces

In addition to lessons about colors, patterns, and shapes, this coloring book for kids ages 4-8 years old aims to teach children about diversity.

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Antiracist Baby - a Book for Kids About Diversity

Antiracist Baby by Ibram X. Kendi

In 9 easy steps, this book for kids about diversity aims to help parents raise their children to create a more equitable world. According to Bookshop, it’s “a fresh new board book that empowers parents and children to uproot racism in our society and in ourselves.”

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Unique You by Dee Smith

This book teaches children the value of love, acceptance, and tolerance while driving home the message that they are amazing and wonderful and lovable just the way they are.

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Don't Touch My Hair, a book about diversity for kids

Don’t Touch My Hair by Sharee Miller

“It seems that wherever Aria goes, someone wants to touch her hair. In the street, strangers reach for her fluffy curls; and even under the sea, in the jungle, and in space, she’s chased by a mermaid, monkeys, and poked by aliens…until, finally, Aria has had enough!” – Bookshop

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Diversity is Key - a book about diversity for kids

Diversity is Key by Bryan Smith

Learning about other cultures is scary for Amelia, and she’s not even really sure why it’s important or what to do with the information she’s learning. 

If you’ve wondered how to guide your child through similar questions, this is the book for you.

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Look What Brown Can Do

Look What Brown Can Do!
by T Marie Harris

“This book is a perfect conversational tool for parents, teachers, caretakers, and anyone looking to help lovely Brown children understand the greatness that can be achieved in every shade of Brown.” – Bookshop

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