Science Fiction Books for Kids That You Need to Read Next

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You’re here, which means your child must love aliens, robots, space odysseys, mechanical adventures, and more! It also means that these science fiction books for kids are the perfect addition to your home library. Science Fiction books for Kids Aliens, space princesses, robots, oh my!

The Best Monster Books for Kids

Kid Playing Monster - Monster Books for Kids

There’s something about monsters that kids absolutely love! According to Fatherly, the reason is developmental, “A jolt of fear escalates regular play into an exhilarating drama.” While it enhances their play, it also allows them to use play to work through real fears in a safe space. Books are another way to help your child […]

Must Read Whimsical Fantasy Books for Kids

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For children who love whimsy, fairytales, knights, princesses, enchanted forests, and talking frogs, these fantasy books for kids will be a delight. For this list, we’ve focused primarily on picture books typically for kids ages 4-8 yeas old. Our Favorite Fantasy books for kids Fantasy books for kids with themes of magic, whimsy, and fantastical […]