Where to Find Free Books for Your Kids

kids reading a book from Busy Little Book Club book subscription for kids
Families love the book subscription for kids and each month's activities

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When your little readers are hungry for new books, finding all the ways you can grab them for free is a win all around! Whether you’re a lover of whimsy or adventure, mystery or magic, you can find free books for your kids any time of the year.

Here are some of our favorite ways!

Busy Little Library

The Busy Little Library is a programs sending free books to kids all over the United States.

Our mission is to put a book into every child’s hands, so each month we donate a book for every new Busy Little Book Club subscription.

This program allows us to send free books for kids who want to dream, play, and lose themselves in a story.

Our goal is to send 500 new free books to kids every year! Learn more about the Busy Little Library or become a monthly club member and help us give more free books to kids.

Take a Book. Share a Book.

The Little Free Library is a nonprofit organization based in St. Paul, Minnesota on a mission to expand access to books for kids around the world! They’re working hard to put a little library in every community, and a book in every child’s hand.

When you find a Little Free Library, feel free to browse the books inside. Take a book, return a book, or share a book with others in your community.

As of the writing of this article, they’ve helped sponsor over 150,000 libraries in 120 countries! Check out their map to find a Little Free Library near you.

Your Local Library

Borrowing a book from your local library is like giving a book a home for just a little while. While your child won’t get to keep it forever, it’s a great way to find free books for kids. Make sure to check your library’s schedule for upcoming storytimes and other community events your child might love!

Where to Find Almost Free Books

There’s something pretty lovely about a gently used children’s book. Maybe not so shiny or new anymore, but a book filled with wonder and adventure all the same, and your child gets to be the next owner in its lifelong journey.

Our favorite places to find almost free books are the local used book stores. These are often mom + pop shops, and as a small business ourselves, we’ve got a special place in our hearts for them. Thrift stores and even garage sales are other places to find almost free children’s books. Your local library may even have discounted shelf for books you can buy as they retire them and bring in new ones.

Wherever you find your next favorite book for kids, give yourself a huge pat on the back for encouraging your child to read and explore all of the amazing worlds inside books!

Busy Little Book Club book subscription for kids